e-mail Marketing

Aquiring new customers with targeted e-mail campaigns

More and more companies are tapping into the power of e-mail marketing and they're achieving impressive results.

While many companies are comfortable just sending existing customers retention e-mail campaigns. We offer acquisition e-mail campaigns as part of your marketing plan. Acquisition e-mail marketing can connect your practice with new customers quickly.

Our e-mail campaign strategy targets the right audience for your dental office, because of this we achieve higher than average click-through rates. A good targeted e-mail marketing strategy should be a part of any business customer acquisition plan.

Send the right message to the right prospect.

A successful e-mail campaign begins with the right audience. As you zero in on your target e-mail audience, it is important to keep two crucial factors in mind:

  • Permission: Only send e-mail to prospects who have given permission to 3rd party e-mails.
  • Relevance: You will achieve a higher return on your investment if you target prospects that have an interest in your product or service.

There are a number of variables that could affect the success of an e-mail campaign including audience, message, relevance, subject line, message clarity, timing of the campaign, and creative design. That's where DEN-AD can help.

Our consumer and business databases have very specific demographic and behavioral data that matches your practice with the perfect e-mail list.

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